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Got Questions?
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I see hearts by the products. What do they mean???
Keep track of the items you “love” simply by clicking the heart icon to the right of each product. Pretty cool huh?!
What does estimated ship date mean?
The estimated ship date is the day your order is expected to be shipped out. If you don’t see tracking on an order you placed after the expected ship date, please let us know at
Do you have a physical store or local pickup?
Even though we would love to meet you, we do not have a store or local pickup. Our Boutiques are located all over the country, so your order will ship directly to you. Happy receiving!
How long will an item stay in my cart?
Until you buy the items in your cart. But hurry…don’t let the deal expire before you make your purchase!!
I forgot to apply a coupon/discount code to my order? What do I do?
Dang! We can only honor coupons applied at the time of checkout. So sorry. (On the upside, you can use that baby for another order before it expires!)
Can I place an order over the phone?
We love to talk!! But, we have streamlined our services so that our prices are as low as possible. We only take orders that are placed online.
Can I change an order I just placed?
You can cancel your order, but can’t add or subtract from it. If you need to make a change, you can reorder the item you want, and then email us at within 24 hours to cancel your original order.
Can I cancel my order, return an item, or get a refund?
You can cancel your order within 24 hours of purchasing if the Boutique hasn’t uploaded tracking into our system. If it is past that time frame, please email us at and we will reach out to the Boutique to see if a cancellation is still possible.
Do you ship internationally? What about to Canada?
We don't currently offer International shipping, but are working on that option right now! Check back with us in the near future! Thanks!
Do you combine shipping?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not combine shipping.
Can I track an item? Has my item shipped?
You can view the shipment status of your order by going to your order history and selecting the order in question. If the order has passed the expected ship day, and still doesn’t have tracking information, please contact us at
What happens if my order arrives incomplete, incorrect, or damaged?
Shoot! We are sorry there was a problem with your order! Please email and we’ll make sure to set everything straight.
What is your return policy?
Our return policies vary across deals and Boutiques. Each Boutique's return policy is clearly stated in the “fine print” of the deal. If there is no return policy stated in the “fine print” or in the description, our standard return policy kicks in. Our standard return policy states that you can return/exchange the item within 14 days of receiving it.
Can I change my address?
You moved? Congrats! First log in to your account, click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner and select “Settings” on the dropdown. Then click on "Billings" on the right side of the page and you can change your shipping address.
Can I change what credit card I use?
Absolutely. You can change your credit card information by logging into your account. Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner and select “Settings” on the dropdown. Then click on "Billings" and select the Change Credit Card link.
How can I reset my password?
Piece of Cake! Just follow the instructions HERE!
How can I email a Boutique about an order I placed?
If you have a question or a problem with your order please contact We can’t wait to help!
How do I know what Boutique I ordered an item from?
Simple! You can find the name of the Boutique to the right of the product picture.
Can I add to an order I already placed?
Unfortunately, there is no way to add to an existing order.
What do I do with the Collections part of the website?
Start a Collection page to keep track of everything you love! All your favorite things in one place. Hooray!
How do I track my package?
When your item has been shipped, the Boutique will upload tracking into our system. We’ll send you the tracking number. You can also review your orders and tracking info in your dashboard:
When will my order ship?
Your order will ship on or before the expected ship date listed at the time of purchase. This date will be displayed before, during, and after your purchase. You can view the ship date by going to your order history and selecting the order in question.
How can I view past orders?
You can view all your orders in the order history section of your account.